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🚴 Exciting News for Friends of Backers! 🚴

Hello Amazing Supporters,

We're overjoyed to share some fantastic news with you! Our campaign is in full swing, and we're working tirelessly to speed up deliveries to our wonderful backers on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Here's a special offer, just for you: If you're a friend of one of our backers and you decide to purchase a power meter pedal of the same type, we'll double the joy! Both the pedal you purchased and an additional one will be carefully packed in the same box and sent directly to your friend (the backer).

It's our way of spreading the love and making sure both you and your friend have everything you need for your cycling adventures. Share the passion, double the fun!

Thank you for being a part of our community. Let's make every pedal stroke count!

Easy install

Easily install the power meter with help of our installation videos.

Affordable pricing

Our power meters are afforable without compromising on quality.

Worldwide Shipping

Our power meters can be shipped all around the globe.


Compatible with most common devices. Check out the full list.

Frequently asked questions

How does the power meter work?

The iQsquare power meter pedal is equipped with a thin film strain gauge and a load cell. The strain gauge is directly deposited on the axle and is molecularly bonded to the surface. This is a highly accurate and fully automated process which results in absolutely identical power meters during production.

Should I choose a single or a double pedal?

The single-sided option is a budget friendly option that provides you with accurate information on the power produced by one leg. However, most cyclists do not have a 50/50 power balance between the left and the right leg. Therefore, we recommend using a set to get the most precise measurement.

If I order a power meter now, when will I receive it?

We're currently in production. We now have the following shipping schedule.

For Left only 60pc dec '22, 150pc jan '23 500pc feb '23 more info on the dual sided and MTB will follow.

What data is produced?

- Total power 
- Left/right balance (when using power meter pedal set) 
- Torque effectiveness 
- Pedal smoothness 
- Cadence

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 120 kg / 265 lb. 

Is there an increase in Q-factor?


What’s the battery life?

The CR2032 Lithium coin cell has a battery life of up to 140 hours. 

What Bikes are compatible?

The iQsquare pedal power meter is compatible with all bikes. We offer specifically designed pedals for both road and mountain bikes, which can also be used for track and triathlon. 

What devices are compatible?

The power meter pedals connect through both ANT+ and Bluetooth to all bike computers and sports apps. See our list of 'Compatible Devices' in the dropdown menu under Products. 

How does the Calibration work?

When installing the iQsquare power meter for the first time on your bike, the iQsquare configuration app (available for Android and iOS) helps setting up your power meter step by step.


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