About us

October 2017, The Netherlands...

A duo of entrepreneurs, one a triathlete and the other a road cyclist, are looking to buy an accurate and affordable power meter, but end up buying nothing. Their innovative minds become curious: is it theoretically possible to create the perfect power meter in an acceptable price range?

Good value for money

The founders have a longstanding career in product design and electrical engineering. They discovered that the secret to an affordable power meter lies in mass-production of the individual units. In a groundbreaking paradigm shift, they cracked the code that the bigger players of the cycling industry had overlooked for years... 

It only took us 6 years!

Armed with a mission to sculpt the world's first mass-produced power meter, we spent 6 years, over 3 million. But we did it!

Where we are today

It took us various cycles of ideation, redesigning and extensive testing before we arrived at the power meter of today. The final product is one that does us proud. It's a good-looking, highly accurate, mass-produced power meter that cyclists of all levels can afford. And that's how our story shall continue... 

The iQ2 Team

The people behind the IQ² power meter are driven and passionate individuals who are good at what they do.


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