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Brendan Bank:

""They feel the same as established pedals, it’s a completely seamless fit.""

Barry Eman:

"“A Dutch brand, a local company, that likes to challenge the bigger names in the industry… I support that.”"

Ronald de Geus:

"“Everything feels as comfortable as I’m used to. As backer, I’m happy to share this positive future with you and help bring the power meter to a fully tested product.”"

"iQ2 is offering single and dual sided power meters at a bargain price with claims of improved accuracy over competitors.”

"A lot more cyclists would use power meters if they weren't so expensive. A group of Dutch entrepeneurs is out to address that situation.”

Why we started iQsquare

We wanted to create equal opportunities for cyclists of all levels to afford a power meter. And that's how it began...  

Easy install

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Frequently asked questions

How does the power meter work?

The iQsquare power meter pedal is equipped with a thin film strain gauge and a load cell. The strain gauge is directly deposited on the axle and is molecularly bonded to the surface. This is a highly accurate and fully automated process which results in absolutely identical power meters during production.

Should I choose a single or Double PEdal?

The single-sided option is a budget friendly option that provides you with accurate information on the power produced by one leg. However, most cyclists do not have a 50/50 power balance between the left and the right leg. Therefore, we recommend using a set to get the most precise measurement.

What data is produced?

- Total power 
- Left/right balance (when using power meter pedal set) 
- Torque effectiveness 
- Pedal smoothness 
- Cadence

Is there a weight limit?

Yes, the weight limit is 120 kg / 265 lb. 

Is there an increase in Q-factor?


What’s the battery life?

The CR2032 lithium coin cell has a battery life of up to 140 hours. 

What bikes are compatible?

The iQsquare pedal power meter is compatible with all bikes. We offer specifically designed pedals for both road and mountain bikes, which can also be used for track and triathlon. 

What devices are compatible?

The power meter pedals connect through ANT+ and Bluetooth to all bike computers and sports apps. See 'Compatible Devices'. 

How does setup work?

When installing the iQsquare power meter for the first time on your bike, our configuration app (available for Android and iOS) helps you set up your power meter step by step.


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