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Pedal Power Meter for the Road

Pedal Power Meter for the Road

Been searching for the right power meter for your road, track or triathlon bike? Look no further! Our iQsquare's Keo-compatible pedal power meter is compatible with all bike computers and apps, you can install it yourself and enjoy regular roads, rough & wet practice terrains and competition tracks. A straightforward product that will save you money and make you better. 


Clipless Pedal System

The highly reliable and widely used KEO compatible pedal clipless system (KEO® is a trademark of Look Cycle International)

Pedal Power Meter for the Road

Bluetooth and ANT+

It’s compatible with all apps, software and bicycle computers, like Garmin and Strava.

Nanotechnology strain gauge

An electrical wire that converts pressure into a measurable change in electrical resistance.


See for yourself how our iQ2 Power will help you push boundaries on your bike.

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